Emmanuel Macron invites Americans to France after Trump's decision on Paris accord

Expressing deep concern over his successor's decision to pull out of the Paris climate pact, former U.S. president Barack Obama has said that by doing so, the Trump Administration has joined a small handful of nations that reject the future.

Friday's bilateral announcement signals that China might have found its new partner in the European Union. "California will resist this misguided and insane course of action".

Some corporations that had supported the Paris agreement were quick to signal that Trump's decision would not change their plans. Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and spacex, made good on his threat to leave several of the president's advisory councils if the president pulled the USA out of the climate deal. "Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world".

Trump pulled the US out of the accord saying it would harm American economic and job growth by creating obstacles to tapping USA energy reserves.

"Americans will honor and fulfill the Paris Agreement by leading from the bottom up - and there isn't anything Washington can do to stop us", said Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor who now serves as the U.N.'s special envoy on cities and climate change.

In many ways, the decision is symbolic. On Thursday, the President announced that the USA would withdraw from the climate agreement, which 195 nations signed onto. The latter is tied up in lawsuits.

Baker and Scott last month urged Trump to continue the USA commitment to the climate agreement.

Republican leaders in Congress supported the decision.

∫ About one-fourth of the countries that indicated in 2015 they would abide by the Paris Accords have not yet ratified them.

∫ The agreement, which amounts to an worldwide treaty, was never ratified by the U.S. Senate, as required by the Constitution.

Malloy said that CT is "a national leader in combatting climate change" and has no intention of slowing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. "The rest of the world wanted to tell us how to do it". South Africa therefore calls on the United States to reconsider its position and to re-commit to the multilateral process. He criticized the pact as a job-killer that put the United States at an unfair advantage.

"The nations that remain in the Paris Agreement will be the nations that reap the benefits in jobs and industries created". "It's about opportunity, stewardship and America's standing as a global leader". They also pledged to accelerate the transition to renewable energy. "It was not possible to meet the goals had we attempted to", she said. The global effort to curb climate change and address its impacts can not be postponed. The previous record for statewide average temperature was 2015, and the previous record was 2014. Another tally puts the GDP hit at more than $8 trillion through 2100 - but that's the damage estimated if the USA exits the deal.

Trump has previously said that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese to harm United States manufacturing.

Last month, more than 20 Republican senators, led by Sen.

"In order to achieve Paris in full and deliver a low emissions, resilient and more secure future for every man, woman and child, it is very encouraging to see that all actors reaffirm their willingness to work together", Espinosa said. "This is why it is so important for you to make a clean exit from the Agreement". "What the president based his decision on is a memo that is totally false", Pelosi said today on ABC's "The View".

In addition to Cook, the CEOs of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, HP, Intel and TESLA also asked Trump to stay in the agreement. Several large oil companies including Exxon Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell had urged Trump not to withdraw.

He said his own foundation will help coordinate the US effort, which will be called America's Pledge, and it will help submit "nationally determined contributions" like other nations.

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