Before becoming congressional shooter, James Hodgkinson shot as this teen fled

The gunman who wounded a top Republican congressman and several others during an early morning baseball practice had apparently been living out a white cargo van for months and was frequently seen working on a computer at a nearby YMCA, where he kept mostly to himself.

The man suspected of opening fire on members of Congress during a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia Wednesday, had apparently volunteered on Sen. Two Capitol Police officers sustained relatively minor injuries.

Hodgkinson's widow spoke to the media Thursday, saying "I can't believe he did this".

The FBI said authorities are speaking with people who knew Hodgkinson or who may have encountered him.

"He said, 'I understand, ' and said he needed to take the gun to a range to shoot it, Watson said".

Scalise's office said the 51-year-old was "in good spirits" before entering surgery, although the hospital later updated his status to critical.

Hodgkinson had been known by his friends to be a staunch Senator Bernie Sanders supporter, and very anti-Trump. Critics say the pages offer a snapshot into the frightening hate that has pervaded politics since Trump's contentious election win last November.

"I'm sorry that he did this, but there's nothing I can do about it", she said.

"There's just no way that I would have guessed that this guy would be shooting at law enforcement and a congressman", said Brennwald, an attorney.

"I would try to chat him up and say stuff, but he never looked back at me", Brennwald said.

Hodgkinson, who was armed with a handgun and a rifle, died from multiple gunshot wounds to his torso, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said.

" ... in addition to the lost work time we incurred for counseling, court dates, incarcerations and medical expenses for the stress the rest of the family was put through while (the girl) manipulated her way through the system", James and Suzanne Hodgkinson wrote.

"We may have our differences, but we do well in times like these to remember that everyone who serves in our nation's capital is here because, above all, they love our country", he said. He graduated with him in 1968 at Belleville West High School.

Over the years, Hodgkinson has had multiple scrapes with local police and disputes with neighbors and his daughter, records show.

Hodgkinson was charged in April 2006 with battery and aiding damage to a motor vehicle but the charges were later dismissed, records show.

Later, Joel Fernandez, the boyfriend of the woman who was punched, went to Hodgkinson's home to confront him.

  • Carolyn Briggs