Wonder Woman buries The Mummy at USA box office

Its budget was $149 million.

His reboot took in $32 million which paled in comparison to Brendan Fraser's "Mummy" films.

Other studios have overcome similar challenges.

The bad news is that the film merely met expectations at home.

Directed by Alex Kurtzman and produced by Sean Daniel, Sarah Bradshaw, Chris Morgan and Alex Kurtzman, The Mummy stars the Mission Impossible flame Tom Cruise next to X- Men star Annabelle Wallis, Gladiator star Russel Crowe, Star Trek Beyond lead Sofia Boutella and more. "That film's ticket sales dropped only 45%, the smallest for any superhero movie since 2005's 'Batman Begins" and a sign of its strong word-of-mouth. Baywatch saved another $4.6 million to bring its three-week total up to a rather disappointing $51.1 million. It's not unusual for big budget films to do two or three times more business elsewhere than domestically, but nearly five times better shows just how little interest United States audiences have in the Dark Universe.

"We know we had been criticized for the prior (DC Comics) films that were successful at the box office but not with critics", Goldstein said.

The story this week will be how poorly THE MUMMY performed at the weekend box office and whether or not Universal's plan for a Dark Universe are going to be scrapped. That doesn't guarantee profitability by any measure, as the budget was a spendy $125 million - and some sources are claiming it's much higher, approaching up to $190 million. At first, the movie was tracking for a $40 million domestic opening, which was later lowered to $35 million.

"Every movie is it's own DNA", Duncan Clark, Universal's president of global distribution commented about the "Dark Universe". We'll see where it goes from here.

Instead, Wonder Woman won the box office again, adding $57.1 million domestically for a now estimated grand total of $435 million when oversea sales are added in. That was less than most analysts expected for the well-reviewed film, starring Joel Edgerton. Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" will sail to fourth with an additional $10.7 million from 3,679 theaters. It is expected that "The Mummy" will scare up a strong $140 million globally to top the worldwide charts. The other super hero film in the top ten (sorry Captain Underpants), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 finished in fifth place with $6.2 million, bringing its six-week total to $366.4 million.

  • Salvatore Jensen