Video shows United employee's attack on an old man in the airport

Horror stories about United Airlines and other air carriers gained publicity in March when the air carrier banned Pass Riders female passengers from wearing leggings. Southwest Airlines Co said in April it would end overbooking, while United announced policy changes, including boosting compensation for overbooked passengers to up to US$10,000.

United has apologized after a video showed an elderly passenger being shoved by an employee of the airline in Houston, Texas.

The event was captured in security footage, which was published by KPRC News on Tuesday.

Complaints rose to 1,909 in April, the US Department of Transportation reported, as consumer anger at airlines boiled over following video showing David Dao being violently removed from a United flight on April 9 to make room for crew members.

Tigner, who filed a $1 million lawsuit for negligence, was unconscious for several minutes.

The confrontation began after Tigner asked a United agent for a replacement boarding pass because the one he had was illegible. His attorney told KPRC2 that no one went to check his pulse and "left him there like a piece of garbage".

In the full three-minute clip of the incident, not one United staffer offers help, but at about 50 seconds in, another passenger stops to check on him.

"It was a good Samaritan, who was a nurse, that was catching a flight, ran over, and said, 'Please, God". Another traveler approached shortly after and told airport employees to call 911.

Following the break of this news, United released a statement explaining that the employee in the video no longer works for the airline.

In the video, obtained by NBC's Houston affiliate, KPRC, the man, Ronald Tigner, is clearly seen with two United employees, identified as Alejandro Anastasia and Ianthe Phillips-Allred.

United told KPRC via a statement that they condemned the employee's behavior as "completely unacceptable". The conduct shown here does not reflect our values or our commitment to treat all of our customers with respect and dignity.

Anastasia was charged with a felony: injury to an elderly individual. "That's when Anastasia says, 'I'll kick your (expletives)' and shoves Tigner to the ground".

"Anastasia was looking at Mr. Tigner and started smiling".

The video captures pensioner Ronald Tigner being shoved by a former employee Alejandro Anastasia - just two months after the worldwide backlash when a clip emerged of Dr David Dao being forcefully removed from a United Airlines flight.

It also says that nothing Tigner did or failed to do "caused or contributed to the incident".

  • Zachary Reyes