Victims recovering after shooting during Congressional baseball practice

Scalise, the third-ranking GOP whip in the House, was shot in the hip and listed in critical condition after surgery at MedStar Washington Hospital Center. One was wounded by gunfire and one suffered other, minor injuries.

April Anderson, president of LSU's alumni chapter in Washington, said that a member of Congress initially contacted the university about getting purple-and-gold gear to wear for the game.

President Trump and Melania Trump visited the hospital Wednesday evening, bringing bouquets of flowers. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said the Trump Administration was aware of the shooting. During his remarks, Trump disclosed that the shooter had died, the first confirmation from any official of the death. "He will recover from this assault - and Steve, I want you to know that you have the prayers not only of the entire city behind you, but of an entire nation, and frankly the entire world". Rand Paul - who was on the field at Wednesday's shooting - said he's been thinking about since the Charlie Hebdo attacks in France in 2015. Scalise was among those injured and was first believed to be in stable condition.

"He underwent immediate surgery, and an additional procedure to stop bleeding".

Scalise's Office has since released an updated statement regarding Scalise's status, quoting the hospital's remarks about his "critical condition".

The Republican's team was practicing their batting at the Alexandria baseball field when shots suddenly rang out.

After initially being trapped behind the backstop, Brooks had run over to the first-base dugout, where others had sought cover.

Rep. Mo Brooks, an Alabama Republican, said his colleague "crawled into the outfield, leaving a trail of blood". He hit Steve Scalise", Barton said, "Scalise's security detail and the Capitol Hill police immediately returned fire, and Alexandria Police also immediately came and began to return fire.

"He shot at Steve Scalise, our second baseman".

They're plodding ahead, hopeful for action but pragmatic enough to know that the latest shooting doesn't dramatically alter the dynamics of their uphill battle.

Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., said he feels adequately protected at the Capitol complex and feels no need to carry a gun there.

In the early years of the Capitol Police Department, their area of authority did not exceed the neighboring walks and streets adjacent to the Capitol Building.

After receiving a call of shots fired at 7:09 a.m., officers were on the scene within three minutes, Chief Brown said.

The shooting suspect has been identified as James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Ill., two federal law enforcement sources confirm to NPR's Carrie Johnson. His picture is a caricature of Bernie Sanders as Uncle Sam and his feed is filled with anti-Trump sentiments.

In recent months, Hodgkinson called Congressman Mike Bost's office at least 10 times with complaints about the Republican's stance on health care and his voting record, Bost said in a statement. "I will be carrying when I'm out and about", Mr Collins said, according to a recording posted on Twitter by the station's Ali Touhey.

Hodgkinson also shot Matt Mika, who works as a lobbyist for Tyson Foods and was helping to coach the team; Zachary Barth, a legislative correspondent who works for Texas Rep. Roger Williams; and two U.S. Capitol Police Officers, David Bailey and Crystal Griner.

Sen. Claire McCaskill tweeted early Wednesday that she had spoken to Capitol Police and that the officers "will be ok".

  • Larry Hoffman