Trump calls for unity after Scalise shooting

Majority Whip Steve Scalise (La.) and four others were wounded by the shooter.

In a Capitol building that is typically full of partisan rancor, the mood was somber and quiet Wednesday.

Shortly after the shooting, New York Republican Rep. Chris Collins pointed the finger at Democrats.

"People know this is the Republican baseball team practicing", he said.

Ohio Rep Brad Wenstrup, on his way to do a TV interview with CNN, gave a bear hug to Georgia Rep. Doug Collins in the hallway.

Congressman Tim Ryan played for the Democratic team. Joe Donnelly of IN is on the Democratic baseball roster.

When the House convened briefly at noon, members filed in and took their seats. Rank-and-file members don't get that same level of protection unless there have been threats made against them or there is some other cause for concern.

Jenkins, who sleeps in his Capitol Hill office, was in a bathroom shaving next to House Speaker Paul Ryan when he learned from Ryan what had occurred. He gave that information to the Capitol Police as part of their investigation. His wounds were not believed to be life-threatening. "And thank God he wasn't a very good shot", said Rep. Joe Barton of Texas, the GOP team's manager.

Members were visibly shaken by the events of Wednesday morning. Many Democrats and Republicans refrained from politicizing the attack or casting it as a referendum on the Second Amendment.

He was watching practice, LaVor said, when "I happened to look over, I saw the gunman, white male, behind a chain-link fence, behind third base".

Hudson said that he was touched by a post in an Indivisible Facebook group - a group that aligns itself with Democrats - that celebrated that he was safe.

US President Donald Trump leave the MedStar Hospital Center following their visit to injured victims in Washington, DC, June 14, 2017.

"What makes it even more terrible is this is one of the things that's right with this town".

"I responded that it was the Republican team practicing, and he proceeded to shoot Republicans", Duncan said.

He released a statement saying, "my prayers are with my good friends and D.C. roommate Steve Scalise". "The only weapon I had was a baseball bat".

The timeline of the morning's event had been recounted over and over again. Wednesday's shooting highlights the vulnerability of lawmakers when they are in public. "A lot of members were asking for changes", he said.

Witnesses earlier said Scalise was felled by a bullet to his hip, and crawled across the field during the shooting. "For a while there, in the dugout, when the security detail opened fire, I didn't know if that was friendly fire or not", Flake told reporters.

Alexandria police arrived at 7:12 a.m., about three minutes after the first emergency phone call reporting an active shooter.

Rep. Steve Scalise, a member of the House Republican leadership, is known for his love of baseball and the late-night meals he often serves his colleagues in his office near the Capitol's ornate Statuary Hall.

"People think members have security", Virginia Democratic Sen.

The officer, he said, was "shooting back, risking themselves, giving us protection. So it's very sobering, and I'm sure we'll have to grapple with it". I couldn't tell what was what. But there was gunfire going overhead, so I couldn't get out there. I have been interested in it.

Sen. David Perdue suggested that perhaps police should be present for groups of lawmakers gathering outside the Capitol, but he argued it was important for Congress not to wall itself off from the public. "I am sickened by this despicable act", Sanders said when informed of the connection. Mass shootings have become an unfortunate but repeated tragedy for recent American presidents.

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