The Golden State Warriors Will Skip Trump White House Visit

Based on at least one report, from CNBC, the Warriors might skip the traditional trip to the White House to celebrate Monday night's NBA Finals-clinching victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

"Maybe (Trump) doesn't (invite us) and we don't go, or we don't say anything and make a big deal of it, and he doesn't make a big deal of it and we go our separate ways", Iguodala said.

Presidents have hosted world champion sports teams for decades, but the tradition has become a hot-button topic for athletes in recent years.

The team later issued a statement saying they'd make a decision on the topic "when and if" it was necessary.

"There's a respect for the institution, for the office; there's a respect for our government that I think you have to take into account, regardless of people's opinions of the person sitting in that chair", he said.

For their part, the Warriors would only say "Today is all about celebrating our championship". As is customary for any championship winning team, a visit to be congratulated by the President of the United States is next up for the Splash Brothers,Kevin Durant and co.

But, as we know, the internet did not disappoint in their glorious reaction to the win. The team had met, socialized and posed for pictures with Barack Obama after winning the title in 2015. They are just getting started, and they don't really care what the rest of the league thinks about it. Some members of the New England Patriots were absent from the team's visit to the White House in April, after the team won the Super Bowl the month before, according to ABC.

Head coach Steve Kerr also joined his players and was seen having a good time inside the club. "None of them. The ball's going to find who it needs to find at the end of the day, and that's those three guys". The Warriors had announced Tuesday that no decision has been made, and Kerr went into further detail in his interview with ESPN.

Teams of all persuasions have made the celebratory pilgrimage.

But when you look at how the deck is stacked to benefit teams in the National Basketball Association and how the NFL does everything in its power to break up dominant teams, there's no question that the Patriots feat of winning two of three titles is far more impressive than the Warriors winning two of three.

  • Julie Sanders