Texas congressmen react to shooting at practice for charity Congressional Baseball Game

Zack Barth, the University of Texas at Austin graduate and Texas representative's staffer who was shot at Wednesday morning's congressional baseball practice, is okay, according to Texas Rep. Roger Williams.

Williams said as they were all stepping back trying to get away, it was two Capitol officers who stepped forward and saved the lives of many.

A victim of the left-wing zealot who opened fire at a Virginia baseball field as the GOP team held practice said Thursday he was lucky to be alive, as he recalled running for his life during the carnage.

"Americans everywhere should be thankful that this is still the kind of country that still produces these kinds of heroes", he said, adding that he will attend the scheduled baseball game between Republican and Democratic House members tomorrow.

Barth said he heard someone scream 'He's got a gun, ' before he saw the shooter near the third-base dugout begin taking deliberate aim at players on the field. "I would hope that Nats stadium could be full ..."

In addition to working as an intern for then Houston Mayor Pro-Tem and now Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez in 2013, he also interned for U.S. District Judge Gray H. Miller the very next year.

Bleeding profusely, he managed to run into the first base dugout for cover where other lawmakers had huddled. As a result, Williams injured his right ankle, knee and foot, for which he was later treated at an Alexandria hospital. The gunman, James T. Hodgkinson, died in a shootout with police. "He was texting, letting people know we were under fire and needed help".

His mother, Julia Barth, stayed at the family's home in Briarforest, over in northeast Houston, on Wednesday awaiting word on how her son's surgery went. "(Rep.) Jeff Flake took his belt off and made a tourniquet around Zach's leg to stop the bleeding. "I held him and he held me", Williams said.

President Donald Trump says he and the vice president are "deeply saddened" by news of a shooting "tragedy" at a congressional baseball game.

"The people around here, on both sides of the aisle- we've got a great community up on Capitol Hill, and everyone is lifting me up", he said.

Williams said the treatment he received at the hospital will allow him to coach the game but then "I'll be going back to Texas after the game tomorrow night to let my doctor see what he needs to do about my ankle, leg and feet".

  • Larry Hoffman