Teens rescued after 3 days lost in Paris catacombs

It is not now known who alerted authorities about the missing teens or why they got lost, but it is widely believed that the boys had snuck past the small section of the catacombs that is open to the public. They were taken to a nearby hospital and treated for hypothermia, though authorities say they were otherwise unharmed. Either way, the experience was probably a little bit better than the lousy 2014 horror film As Above, So Below.

The series of tunnels were filled with bones after the cemeteries of Paris became too full in the 18th century.

The catacombs make up a 150-mile-long maze underneath the city of Paris, but only a small amount of it is open to visitors.

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Schoolchildren and partygoers have been known to enter the Paris catacombs through secret entrance points.

Part of the catacombs are opened to the public, but most of it officially is barred off from public view.

Vice also reported that there were internet rumors that an Eastern European student named Masha was found dead in the Odessa catacombs two years after she wandered off during an unsanctioned New Year's Eve party in 2005.

The bones of an estimated six million people are in the catacombs. And the temperature inside the tunnels is usually around 59 degrees Fahrenheit. In a detailed history of the labyrinth, Les Catacombes de Paris explains that the transference of remains was due to graveyards being closed because of the risk they posed to public health.

  • Leroy Wright