"Teardown reveals the components that make 10.5" iPad Pro a formidable tablet

One week after Apple introduced the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro at the WWDC keynote in San Jose, California, reviews for the device have begun surfacing online. Needless to say, the new 10. From speaking to a few different iOS developers, it should be reasonably easy to update games to allow them to take advantage of the new ProMotion screen, but no one is sure just how much more battery that's going to burn.

Content is both the problem and the solution for Apple.

Last October, Apple had announced a MacBook Pro where the 13-inch model was 17% thinner and 23% smaller than its predecessor, whereas the 15-inch laptop was 14% thinner and 20% smaller than its predecessor.

That's great news, as it means you won't have to feel like you need to buy a potentially bigger and more expensive slate than you want just to get the top-end model.

You can now snag Apple's new iPad Pro models in an Apple Store retail location near you. If you are someone who likes a well-lit display, it is advisable to go for the iPad Pro 10.5-inch tablet instead of the 12.9-inch one, since it has a better display density. Still, it's a change worth noting because it improves your experience looking at the screen, particularly if you're doing a lot of online reading on the tablet.

But, hey, it's the new iPad, it's better than the old iPad, and the new screen is super awesome for apps that support it which right now appears to be limited to only the core Apple apps and a small subset of third party apps. For Apple, that message began two years ago with the launch of the iPad Pro but it's a message that has, as yet, not had the sort of impact of sales that Apple would have hoped for. Apparently, Apple didn't agree, because for this year's update to the Lil' Pro has grown just a lil' bit. The 2015 iPad Pro has respectable 701MB/sec read and "meh" 89.7MB/sec write speed, as shown in the screenshots below. Previous iPads and most mobile devices have a 60Hz refresh rate.

Should I upgrade my iPad?

Yes, you will be able to use iOS 11 on other iPads. But until then, it's all up to you. And if you aren't picking one up, does the price have anything to do with that decision?

  • Arturo Norris