TDP Law Maker JC Diwakar Reddy Creates Ruckus At Visakapatnam Airport

After the staff refused to do that JC created ruckus throwing down the Boarding Pass Printing Machine. He was later provided a boarding pass. The unruly MP, J C Diwakar Reddy, finally flew on the same flight after he spoke to the aviation minister, seeking his help in doing so.

MP JC Diwakar Reddy had earlier in October past year created ruckus at Vijaywada Airport. After being denied a boarding pass, Reddy allegedly damaged airport property. "On Thursday no such information as available with IndiGo staff at Visakhapatnam airport", said a source. Reddy reportedly arrived late to board an Indigo flight to Hyderabad. "As Indigo has banned the MP to travel so Air India has also barred", said Dhananjay Kumar, Spokesperson, Air India.

Only last month, another MP Ravindra Gaikwad of Maharashtra was banned from flying by all airlines including private airlines for hitting an Air India officer with footwear and the ban was lifted only after he apologized. As news of the ruckus got out, the airline said it was investigating the matter and "no comments to offer till completion of a thorough investigation". The MP - who is known for his temper and has earlier also got involved in a similar incident at another airport past year - was reportedly accommodated on the same flight which got delayed in the process and left after its departure time of 8.10 am on Thursday.

Mr. Reddy flew into a rage and reportedly abused the airline staff, trying to push one of them and pull out a printer. The Visakhapatnam airport director, when contacted by NDTV, said the incident was a matter between IndiGo staffers and the lawmaker. According to reports, he was alleged to have barged into the Air India office and damaged furniture. After the incident, the flag carrier had placed a ban on flying the Shiv Sena MP.

  • Zachary Reyes