Super Mario Odyssey multiplayer mode possibly confirmed

In the trailer, it appears that multiple, complex levels will be present in this game, therefore making Super Mario Odyssey one of the most interesting Mario titles of all time. The title is available to pre-order now.

At the E3 gaming convention on Tuesday, Nintendo announced several new games for its hit console, the Nintendo Switch, including a new Pokemon game. Mario's famous plumber's cap is now an independent character which can fly around by itself. We also got a short glance at some of the handsome new worlds created on the Nintendo Switch as well as some new moves in Mario's arsenal. "Part of it was we wanted to have someone Mario would go on this adventure with, and there are more details about this that we'll be revealing at a later date".

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As Nintendo has started to open up its valuable intellectual property for other uses, including a theme park, the company showed off more of the same at E3. The game continues to offer the core Mario experience with the twist that you're now able to throw your hat and possess enemies for a short period of time.

The Nintendo Switch has been one of the most popular console's so far and with a partnership with Universal Studios Theme Parks it look like Nintendo with flying high again. A year later, the Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League will support cross-play, but Sony still isn't letting it happen.

Super Mario Odyssey, along with the new Amiibo, will be released October 27. Well. "Since this is the Nintendo Switch and it does have two controllers, it's very easy for you to imagine handing it to another person", said Yoshiaki Koizumi. It'll be out later this year with exclusive cars and Mario hat toppers, along with cross-platform play with Xbox Live and Steam players. It's a floating island that's at once a slice of 1930s New York City and a freakish Nintendo world.

Yoshi is to see release sometime in 2018 on the Nintendo Switch.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild A new DLC pack for Nintendo's massive Switch launch title was revealed, titled The Champion's Ballad.

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