Stewart vows to "fight" after close Republican primary

More democrats voted in Tuesday's primary election than Republicans, with 542, 607 ballots cast in the Democratic primary and 366, 248 votes cast in the Republican contest.

Northam beat former congressman Tom Perriello, with most polls reporting Tuesday. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016 demonstrated an increased emphasis on Virginia as an indicator of national politics, possibly driving turnout. He gave a fiery victory speech Tuesday, vowing to win over Perriello supporters and lead Democrats in retaking control of the state House of Delegates in the general election.

"Talk about a centrist Democrat, Ralph is exactly where our party should be", said Senate Minority Leader Dick Saslaw, who represents Fairfax County.

The governor's race in Virginia, a swing state where a recent Washington Post and George Mason University poll showed 59 percent of voters disapprove of Trump's performance, is shaping up as a pivotal battleground with national implications.

Hyun Lee, 37, of Centreville, Virginia, who had done phone banking and knocked on doors for Northam, was one of the people at the party.

Perriello made a surprise entrance into the race in January and faced an uphill climb from the beginning.

Perriello also emphasizes Democrats' need to be more receptive to the economic anxieties of rural and working class voters who supported Trump, including fears of jobs loss due to automation and artificial intelligence. In the 2017 campaign, he had the support of Democratic Party chairs in each of the state's 95 counties and 38 independent cities.

Prince William Board of Supervisors chairman Corey Stewart shocked political observers by coming within 1.2 percentage points of Ed Gillespie in Virginia's GOP gubernatorial primary.

This sentiment was further reinforced by how numerous federal-level issues that now-President Trump ran on were hard to translate to state and local issues, for which public officials have vastly different powers and duties. Gillespie ran largely on pocketbook issues, like lowering the state income tax rate, but kept Trump at arm's length.

With this record of service to United States imperialism and the Obama administration, Perriello hoped for Obama's backing for his race in Virginia, but the former president declined to offer his support.

Mr. Stewart said Democrats have condoned violence against conservatives in the past, so he doesn't buy their calls for unity now.

"I haven't seen a Republican yet who has managed how to do it", Kidd said. "I think it has bigger consequences than people imagine".

Arlingtonians came out again in record numbers to participate in the Democratic primary this year: 28,167 votes strong is the highest gubernatorial primary turnout in Arlington's history, and 25,717 votes strong is historically high turnout for the lieutenant gubernatorial primary.

Walking a fine line, Gillespie has tried to avoid embracing or snubbing Trump as he appeals for the votes of both diehard Trump fans and moderates who may be turned off by Trump's presidency. He also said that Stewart "showed them what one man can do with his populist revolution".

"I didn't win this battle, but we're not done", he said. Smith viewed the results as a vindication of Trump.

Brown said their committee is now looking forward to the election for governor on November 7. "I will not campaign for him".

  • Larry Hoffman