Steph Curry not in favor of visiting Trump. What social media thinks

Durant: [laughs] He told me to enjoy it, have some fun, you know, typical stuff.

The first-ever NBA Finals trilogy is over, and the Golden State Warriors are NBA Champions again.

Golden State Warriors fans are breakdancing in downtown Oakland and honking their horns in San Francisco to celebrate their team's latest National Basketball Association title.

Beyond just the historic feats he set, the National Basketball Association title and MVP award provide further validation to Durant that he made the right decision to make the jump to Golden State last summer.

The Warriors won in 2015 before the Cavs made their historic comeback a year ago. Or did the voters get it right in awarding it to Durant?

In one sense, James caught up to at least part of that ghost when he passed Jordan for the most points scored in NBA Playoffs history with a 35-point showing in a 135-102 closeout win over the Boston Celtics in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals at TD Garden last month. David West fought for the ball with Irving, then they got tangled up and Tristan Thompson entered the fray and he and West went at each other face-to-face. He averaged a triple-double (33.6 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists) during the series. "If KD was the consolation prize to lose, thanks for that loss, and we're champs this year".

For the first two games of the Finals, Cleveland was flat-footed, trying to adjust to playing at the pace and level of the Warriors, but the final three games LeBron James and company stood toe-to-toe with the Warriors - and still lost two-of-three of them.

A year ago, these Warriors fell short after a record-setting season that included a 24-0 start and 73 victories at the end to break the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls' wins mark.

None of that was an issue for the Warriors as Durant has been called an unselfish player whose only desire was to do whatever is in the best interests of his team.

"That's the type of guy that I want to be with every, single time I'm going to war because I know what to expect, and you stand your ground, too, with a leader like that", Irving said.

Kevin Durant and Curry said they received messages from Obama after beating Cleveland on Monday.

  • Julie Sanders