Sony At E3 2017: All The PlayStation Trailers

Sony also announced that a Spider-Man game would be released in 2018 exclusively on PlayStation, keeping the pressure on Microsoft in the battle for console dominance.

Insomniac Games' title centres on a 23 year old Peter Parker that's already been saving the people of New York City for nearly ten years, and is close to graduating third-level education.

If I am remembering correctly, which at this point would be a miracle, Sony more or less made the same statement at E3 2016. "We have a contract with the people who go online with us, that we look after them and they are within the PlayStation curated universe". The combat and web swinging looked spectacular, albeit not that different from the standards set by the Arkham Games. However, the new storyline, graphics, action and game sequences have shown that this new game is going to (perhaps) be the best Spider-Man game yet. These weren't CG trailers either - Days Gone received an 11-minute gameplay demo. Spider-Man seems like a combination of Batman: Arkham City, Sunset Overdrive and a heaping helping of impressive QTEs.

Around 50,000 members of the video games industry, including 15,000 members of the public will get the chance to play those titles announced when the doors of E3 open later on Tuesday.

Earlier this week during the PlayStation E3 press conference, the publisher confirmed that it was bringing back Shadow of the Colossus to PlayStation 4, with fully remastered visuals.

Nintendo's recently launched Switch has been a victor, with fans snapping up the console and a "Legend of Zelda" game that has become a must-play title for fans.

This isn't the first time that a remastered game has sold for $59.99, mind you. But one of the bigger announcements from the weekend was the mention of Cross-Play between platforms.

A few games were playable during a pre-showcase event for media.

It's somewhat inevitable. Over the last two years, these events have focused just a little too much on games too far off to justify the kind of excitement their reveals and trailers have been met with.

  • Arturo Norris