Sessions vehemently denies Russian Federation collusion claims

Former FBI Director James Comey confirmed during testimony that the president was not personally under investigation in the Russian Federation probe, but according to sources for the Washington Post, that changed after he was sacked.

So, was AG Sessions' testimony and answers that he provided today before the Senate Intelligence Committee a plus or a minus for President Trump?

Comey testified before the Senate intelligence committee last week and confirmed that he gave Mueller the memos he wrote detailing his interactions with Trump ahead of his firing.

There is a clear pattern emerging of Trump calling intelligence officials and interfering in the Russian Federation investigation. Sessions reiterated Tuesday those meetings were in his capacity as a lawmaker and not about the campaign.

Grassley announced the decision in a letter to Sen. "I can tell you that for absolute certainty".

A former Republican senator, Sessions was an early supporter of Trump's presidential campaign, but sources say there has been tension between the two men in recent weeks because Trump was annoyed that Sessions recused himself from the Russian Federation probe.

"I have no knowledge of any such conversations by anyone connected to the Trump campaign".

Newsy also spoke with two former advisers with the Trump campaign over email - both say they met with Kislyak.

Comey, however, would not say whether he thought the president sought to obstruct justice.

"Our Department of Justice rules on proper communication between the department and the White House have been in place for years".

"It is absurd, frankly, to suggest that a recusal from a single specific investigation would render the Attorney General unable to manage the leadership of the various Department of Justice law enforcement components that conduct thousands of investigations", he said.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, now running the Russian Federation show since Sessions recused himself, told another committee he wouldn't be pressured to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller without good cause, yet another signal from a Trump administration figure that they will not risk their personal reputations to carry political water for the White House.

The president didn't clarify what exactly he was referring to in the early morning tweet, however he has frequently described reports about possible ties between members of his campaign and Russian Federation as a "witch hunt".

Mueller, who headed the Federal Bureau of Investigation for 12 years and was Comey's predecessor in the post, has the confidence of both Democratic and Republican lawmakers. Sessions requested an open hearing, though he made clear in his opening remarks and several times during his testimony that there were some things he would not discuss, including confidential conversations with the president.

Former President Bill Clinton was also investigated for obstruction stemming from an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, his testimony about the affair during a sexual harassment against him.

Starr said it was "too soon to tell" whether Trump engaged in obstruction.

"Why don't you tell me?" Discussions between the members continued through Sunday and into Monday morning, two sources said.

  • Leroy Wright