SC Rep. Jeff Duncan Safe after Baseball Game Shooting

The right-of-center party, an influential cross-endorser that holds Row C on the New York State ballot, appeared to contrast the attack with liberal calls that religious bakeries serve gay couples and that Southern states dismantle Confederate monuments.

James T. Hodgkinson of IL, 66, was detained as the accused shooter, but died late Wednesday morning. Rep. Duncan believes he spoke to the shooter prior to the incident based on the Police description of the man. He described the man to CNN as someone in his late 50s or early 60s, with dark hair that possibly contained some gray.

The attack occurred as GOP members practiced for an annual charity baseball between members of Congress. "It's a community field with picnic benches similar to what you might find in Florida".

"You've got congressmen that are taking a game that's supposed to be for a charity event deathly serious", Justice said.

U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) has released a statement about today's shooting in Washington, D.C.

"He knew it was members of Congress playing, but he asked me if we were Democrats or Republicans", Duncan continued.

"I've been crying [for bipartisanship] for a long time", Wenstrup said, criticizing the heated rhetoric he sees from both parties.

DeSantis was in the backseat of the auto at the time and said he was only able to see the man from the chest up.

The news network notes that police want the opportunity to research the Alexandria's shooter's residence and other information before the public pounces on such matters.

Because Scalise, a Louisiana Republican, travels with a Secret Service security detail, the gunman was stopped well before the three minutes it would have taken for police from Alexandria to arrive on scene, Duncan said. He was later fatally wounded in a gunfight with Capitol Hill police.

"I think all of us have gotten those kind of threats from time to time, but they do seem to have escalated given the deterioration in the political climate over the last couple years", Schiff added.

DeSantis, upon examining a photo of Hodgkinson, later confirmed to CNBC that "that is the individual" who'd approached him in the parking lot minutes before shots rang out.

  • Julie Sanders