Panhandler who refused job arrested for vagrancy

The panhandler "yells profanities at employees, customers and people driving by", posts Brett D. Paulson of Howell, a dealership manager.

One Michigan auto dealership said it offered a job to a man who begged for money, but he said no.

A dealership, located on Grand River near the I-96 off ramp, put the sign up on Tuesday, June 14. We offered him a full-time job at $10.00/hr. Please donate to a more worthy cause'.

Photos of the sign and the panhandler were shared on Facebook and went viral, generating a lot of support for how the dealership handled the situation.

"It's a big scam because people like me, people like you, everybody else, we're all out, we're working", resident Dan Golem said.

"I don't like them standing there". Drivers knew them and described them as father and son.

For over a year, she said a duo of panhandlers would stand at the road with signs saying, "Homeless, please help".

This week, police got involved and they were arrested.

The sign popped up in Brighton, Michigan, which is a suburb about an hour outside of Detroit, WSYR reports.

Michigan State Police troopers said two people were arrested for vagrancy and disorderly conduct. The other said, "The median income in Livingston County is $70,000". And the sign is down at Honda.

  • Zachary Reyes