MOVIE: The Mummy gives birth to new universe of films

Then they made The Mummy's Tomb, which made sense because tombs are where you find mummies. Considering that Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella were in the film, most expected an epic showdown and a new perspective on the classic.

The film, which tells the story of two students who hypnotise a school principal to believe he is a superhero, took in $12.2 million for the weekend. Nick is cursed. Vail is enslaved and forced to do Ahmanet's bidding.

Unfortunately Nick is part of that ritual that changes everything that is to come!

The dudes, plus a slinky archeologist (Annabelle Wallis) who suddenly materializes, descend into the tomb, where they retrieve the mummy; they fly it back to England and set a bunch of shit into motion.

Where do I start with what is wrong with The Mummy? Am I right Vince? The choice to appoint him as director was obviously not a stylistic one, but a financial one, and it's because of him (and, of course, the Hollywood ethos of believing their audience to be incapable of processing anything other than explosions), that The Mummy often feels like a comic book film with tepid Ancient Egyptian overtones. And the common point is none other than Dr. Jekyll (& Mr Hyde)! Are you kidding me? She curses him, giving Nick a form of immortality that's tempered by psychic visions.

VM: Unfortunately the characters they are using really seem to have no reason to share a connected universe. The Universal monsters aren't going to be afforded the same luxury. We know that Morton is out there now, trying to figure out who/what he is, all while keeping his darker side at bay. This was supposed to be an intro into the concept and it is totally a hot mess. The remake of a classic barely impressed critics and viewers despite the fact that Tom Cruise did give his best in the film. Ironically, it took killing Tom Cruise over and over again in Groundhog Day style for people to laugh in Edge of Tomorrow. "Mission Impossible" aside, he doesn't need to be doing this film. Despite all I heard about it, though, I just couldn't help myself. While following a map he stole, Nick and his buddy (Jake Johnson) get into a firefight, and the resulting explosion reveals an ancient burial chamber.

JJ: Don't put evil in the air talking about a "Van Helsing" reboot! I think what we just witnessed in The Mummy was actually the origin story of its Big Bad. I'm the most receptive guy in the world to esoteric lore and fleeting narrative connections, and even I was bored to tears at what was being shoved down my throat here. Cruise brought in Christopher McQuarrie and Dylan Kussman to revamp the script, which included the plot thread of Morton getting possessed, the appearance of Dr. Jekyll, and described Morton as a "young man". He comes off too thuggish and tough as tough Hyde is the dominant mind much like Bud White in LA Confidential. Its plotline has been recycled every few decades, from Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney Jr's portrayals in the 1930s and 1940s to the 1999 hit starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz. The time period is fantastic and I immediately care about the characters and feel like I'm on a fun trip with tons of craziness. "I've known him for a hundred years", he jokes, "and when we were standing on set, I was like, 'I can not believe that we haven't done this before.' We talked about it forever and, you know, he was always working and I'm just doing other things".

  • Salvatore Jensen