Missing woman posted chilling video from inside high-rise fire

"The people need to be let in", Ibrham says in Arabic in the video. It has now received 331,000 views and hundreds of comments from users who claim to be her relatives asking about her whereabouts and safety.

Shortly after, the video cuts shows footage from the building's balcony.

The mother of two small children is still believed to be missing and hasn't been heard from since.

That number is expected to rise.

A woman can be heard shouting desperately to other people from inside her flat as smoke engulfs the corridor of the 27-storey housing block. A voice in the background of the video warns Ibrham not to open the door in order to prevent smoke from entering her unit.

"Her husband was in Egypt, but he returned as soon as he heard what had happened".

The woman opened the door and filmed the hall of the building filled with dense smoke.

She yells: "Hello? Hello?"

The video showed petrified Ms Ibrham praying in Arabic. She says: "How get out?"

"The whole building is on fire and we are stuck on the upper floors".

"There's too many people stuck upstairs". She has not posted to Facebook since the live broadcast.

Her friend, Yaz, told "Good Morning Britain" that she became trapped in the inferno.

"She's praying, and she's saying, "Forgive me everyone, goodbye"."

The Egyptian native is a mother to a two girls, aged five and three. "However, now Rania, her children, and my friend are missing", revealed one of the survivors.

  • Leroy Wright