London inferno extinguished; firefighters search for victims

The fire early Wednesday in the 24-story building in west London's North Kensington district also injured dozens, 18 of them critically, and left an unknown number missing. The local council said families with young children, elderly residents and the vulnerable were given "immediate priority".

My heart goes out to all those involved, to those whose lives have been lost, their families and to our colleagues in London Fire Brigade and other emergency services that are at the scene. "He was just as surprised at how quickly the fire spread as anybody else".

She said: "I spoke to one of my officers who was very near when someone came out the window, and he was in tears, and he is a professional fire officer". One heaving table at a church contained a note: "Help yourself".

The focus of criticism centres on the cladding fitted to external walls on the 1970s concrete block as part of a £8.7-million ($11 million, 9.9 million euros) refit completed only past year.

Adele didn't need to send her love - she showed it, herself, Wednesday night (June 14) when she visited a London neighborhood that had been devastated by a lethal fire. The upgrades were scheduled to be completed by 2016, the report said. "Also, the fire escape plan for the building told residents to stay in their apartments behind supposedly fire safe doors".

The 29-year-old singer was reportedly accompanied by husband Simon Konecki as she made her way round the area that has become a vigil site for victims.

Organisers said the synagogue fast reached full capacity as residents brought what they could, including many new items, for those caught up in the tragedy.

Outside, a poster pleaded for information: "My friend Khadija lives on the 20th floor of the Grenfell Tower we can't get through to her, if anyone had seen her please let me know". "The severity and the heat of the fire will mean that it will be an absolute miracle for anyone to be left alive".

The fire triggered a wave of mourning in a country already battered by a string of terror attacks.

"It is also heartening to see the incredible generosity of community volunteers rallying to help those affected by this bad event", the queen said. But the focus has turned to renovations completed previous year that added decorative touches to the building.

But Kostas Tsavdaridis, associate professor of Structural Engineering at the University of Leeds warned: "Some materials used in facades act as significant fire loads".

"Although theoretically they are fire resistant, in most cases they are high-temperature resistant instead of fire resistant".

"We will cooperate with the relevant authorities and emergency services and fully support their enquiries into the causes of this fire at the appropriate time", it said.

A third tweeted: "The fact that Adele has gone to Grenfell tower and not said a word about it just proves how amazingly honest she is".

During the blaze, firefighters rescued 65 people from the building.

I got up and looked out of my window and saw the seventh floor smoking.

"I kept calling and calling", she told Reuters.

"A lot of my firefighters yesterday experienced things they will never have seen before and I've spoken to some people who were truly distressed".

Residents' groups have claimed they voiced concerns about the safety of the building, which had been recently refurbished, while those who escaped complained their fire alarms had not been set off by the blaze.

  • Leroy Wright