Kevin Durant praises Kyrie Irving, compares him to Allen Iverson

"I think he wants it to be his only house", Irving said. As someone else mentioned Allen Iverson's name, he seemed to be dancing around that proclamation as he presses the fact that in context, he believes that the New Jersey native is a much better shooter than A.I. Both Durant and Simmons agreed that Uncle Drew's game is relevant to that of a auto "that has everything".

Durant was MVP for this year's Finals in leading the Warriors to the league title.

"I was telling some of my friends after Game 2, I was like, Kyrie, he just makes you happy when you watch him play", Durant said on the podcast. I don't want that to get out.

Pretty intense words from Durant, comparing Irving to the hall-of-famer, and one of the game's greatest point guards.

Bill Simmons highlights Irving's ability to "score anywhere from 28 feet in", "make bad threes", and "score on two seven-footers" as reasons why he eventually agreed with Durant's statement. Irving, now six years into his career, is probably the better pure shooter and has been a more efficient scorer to this point in his career, but he's also had the luxury of playing alongside LeBron James for the past three seasons. You just smile when you watch him play, cause it's like, for somebody to be that skilled, you know had to work tirelessly.

Kyrie Irving's story isn't new to most Cleveland Cavaliers fans.

The two touched on a number of subjects, but perhaps the most interesting tidbit came during a discussion about Kyrie Irving. The stuff he has in his package is next level stuff that, like, you can teach your kids how to do it, but you'll never be able to do it.

However, is Durant's analysis of Irving and Iverson wrong? But, the former Sixer's savior outranks Irving in career assists, total rebounds, and points per game.

  • Julie Sanders