Huge fire engulfs 27-floor London tower block

Up to 600 people may have been inside the building's 120 apartments at the time the blaze broke out.

London fire services managed to evacuate numerous residents - but entire floors of people were still unaccounted for more than 16 hours after the first rescuers arrived.

The chief said high-rise building fires are the most challenging for fire departments worldwide because they require different logistics, more firefighters and a plan.

Residents who escaped told harrowing stories of seeing their neighbours trapped in their apartments as the flames advanced towards them. Some were evacuated in their pajamas.

Residents continue to be evacuated from the tower block fire in #NorthKensington.

The London Fire Brigade said a structural engineer and rescue crews had assessed the stability of the building and believed it was not in danger of collapsing.

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In#West London, a massive fire occurred in the 24-story residential apartment building (#Grenfell Tower) in the Kensington area, reported The Telegraph.

Local resident, Joanna O'Connor, said she awoke to screams and sirens.

"Our priority is to assess the level and nature of injuries and ensure those in the most need are treated first and taken to hospital", the London Ambulance Service service said.

One person could be seen looking out of a section of the building, just below a burnt-out floor, with a piece of clothing dangling from the window frame.

"All our warnings fell on deaf ears and we predicted that a catastrophe like this was inevitable and just a matter of time", the group said following the inferno.

A woman can be heard screaming for help in shocking footage she broadcast while trapped on one of Grenfell Tower's top floors.

One resident said the fire alarm had not gone off. "I just hope they have got everyone out", he said.

Forty fire engines and 200 firefighters had been called to the scene, at the Grenfell Tower in West London. early Wednesday morning.

"The fire, which was unprecedented in its scale and speed, will be subject to a full fire investigation", said Steve Apter from the London Fire Brigade.

The breaking dawn revealed the blackened wreckage of the building, which was still burning more than 12 hours later.

Photos and video shared on social media show the tower block engulfed in flames.

The building underwent a 10 million-pound refurbishment as part of a wider transformation of the estate a year ago. "They couldn't get to them. fire kept going and the lights went out", Sky News quoted an eyewitness as saying.

"He obviously couldn't find an escape route and he couldn't leave", she said. Witnesses said that they saw people jumping from the upper floors.

"There will be a great many questions over the coming days as to the cause of this tragedy", he said, "and I want to reassure Londoners that we will get all the answers".

  • Leroy Wright