Greatly enhanced Google Backup and Sync to (mostly) replace Drive

But once the new app goes live, you'll be able to choose which files and folders to stay synced. This means you can use Google's file storage platform to backup your entire desktop, photos, documents, or any other folder or file on your machine without having to move it.

There's already a desktop tool available for Google Drive on PC and Mac. Aimed primarily at consumers, the tool is created to backup files and photos, and make them accessible from any device.

The app's new straightforward name is Backup and Sync, and it will launch on June 28, according to a G Suite blog post. Also, not all G Suite users will automatically be upgraded to the ability - managers of the G Suite account will need to turn on the option for employees to utilize the backup feature for them to get access to Backup and Sync.

Google pre-announced today a new tool named "Backup and Sync", built on top of Google Drive, which will be able to back up files stored anywhere on the user's computer, not just in the Drive folder.

While Google has not confirmed this, Drive File Stream appears to be the business version of the Backup and Sync tool.

Backup and Sync is primarily intended for consumer users. The same case can be made for incidents of hard drive failure. If you don't now allow Google Drive for Mac/PC in your organization, your users won't be able to use Backup and Sync with their G Suite accounts.

  • Carolyn Briggs