Fans already lining up for Penguins' Stanley Cup parade

The Penguins planned to celebrate with a victory parade in Pittsburgh on Wednesday.

After returning back to Pittsburgh on Monday afternoon with the Stanley Cup, the Pens and their families headed to Sidney Crosby 's house for a private party to celebrate their achievement. It gives the hockey fan another look at Sidney Crosby the person away from the spotlight. That was, however, his final game of the series as he showed up for Game 3 with a pair of crutches. Hundreds of fans were lucky during the latest parade as Crosby spent several minutes walking the parade with the Cup in hand letting every fan who could reach an opportunity to touch the greatest trophy in sports. But making kids feel like this has got to be a pretty close second. Sherry is now a veteran, but Guentzel was filled with joy and soaking up every second of the excitement. So let's help them make some.

The only snag is that Fleury's contract included a no-movement clause that would have forced the Penguins to protect him - and expose Murray - unless he was willing to waive it. Granted, a player should be free to not visit if he doesn't want to (as Tim Thomas skipped out in 2012 when the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup), but it's a sad state of affairs that a team feels as though it's necessary to clarify that they respect the presidency. It's no wonder the Penguins executives continue to call him the best teammate in hockey. It not only made things easier for general manager Jim Rutherford and the Penguins' front office, it also may have ended up saving their season and giving them an opportunity to win another Stanley Cup. Fleury holds almost every goaltending record in Pittsburgh franchise history and is a crowd favorite.

As he cleaned out his locker at PPG Paints Arena, the goaltender who was drafted No. 1 overall by Pittsburgh in 2003 realized this was likely the end of his tenure with the Penguins.

"They actually didn't have a parade then", Schaffer said. Fleury was in net for nine of the 16 victories the Penguins needed to win the Cup before Murray returned from injury to replace Fleury after a shaky third-round game against Ottawa and was in net for Pittsburgh's final seven playoff wins.

  • Julie Sanders