Fake Melania returns to Colbert and bashes Donald Trump

In the satirical interview, Colbert pokes fun at real-life Melania Trump's decision to finally move into the White House, joining her husband, U.S. President Donald Trump, after months of residing separately in NY. "You could look for an excuse, but trust me, you will not find one", she said, sighing.

With "happy eyes" and a stiff face, "Melania" expressed excitement over any potential of impeachment of her husband, adding that Trump would be in the White House for exactly "1,315 days, 11 hours, 55 mins, and ..."

Later in the segment, Benanti's Melania went so far as to say that no matter how much America fantasises about Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, being the President of America, they have no choice but to stick with Mr Trump.

"I'm glad they found like right way to respond", Noah said, seguing to, "If you want to know how not to respond, It's like this".

"It was so lonely in NY doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted", "Trump" remorsefully told Colbert about the change in location.

As "Melania" put it, the delay was due to Barron's schooling - plus she had to wait for the Comcast cable guy. White privilege? Cause I hear that's a thing.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tends to have particularly long monologues on its Monday night shows, since there's usually a whole weekend of stories, including things that drop late Friday, to cover. Benanti held up a photograph of the moment when Melania swatted Donald's hand away in Israel. It was not a slap, she pointed out because she mistook his hands, which as so small, for a mosquito, Newsweek reported.

  • Salvatore Jensen