Facebook makes GIF format usable in comments

Adding a GIF in the Facebook comments section is really easy.

The visual significance of a comment supported by the short and precise format of a GIF makes it an important feature on social media sites such as Facebook.

Anyway, here's a happy 30th birthday to the GIF! Moreover, it is introducing some new and exclusive GIFs that have some of the internet's most popular celebrities.

To add GIFs in comments, go to the comment box and tap on the GIF button. GIPHY Studios has created 20 GIFs featuring some of the internet's most popular faces like DNCE, Logan Paul, Amanda Cerny, DREEZY, Patrick Starr, Violet Benson, Wuz Good, Brandi Marie, and Landon Moss. The feature allows you to search for GIFs using the feature's built-in search but with no option for any custom GIFs.

The popularity can be gauged by the fact that almost 13 billion GIFs were sent on Messenger a year ago, that is roughly 25,000 GIFs every minute.

Facebook added GIF support two years ago, but until now users had to enter the URL of a GIF hosted somewhere else. It wants to solve how the word GIF is pronounced, whether it's a "hard g" or "soft g".

The idea is very simple and the only real surprise is that it has taken Facebook so long to roll out the feature.

Facebook said that since it rolled out GIFs in Messenger back in 2015, GIF sends have tripled in the past year alone, with 13 billion GIFs sent, representing 25,000 GIFs each and every minute.

  • Arturo Norris