Core 'Pokemon' RPG Under Development for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo/The Pokémon CompanyA new "Pokemon" game for the Nintendo Switch is in the works.

Nintendo's conference wasn't long, but it was packed full of exciting games.

Nintendo just released thetrailerfor the videogame a few hours ago, and so far the game preview's raked in more than 130,000 reviews. Nintendo is live-streaming gameplay and developer interviews from the E3 show floor throughout the week, so hopefully they will set aside some time to reveal more about the title. Judging by the latest trailer to debut at E3, Nintendo has met those expectations and more.

Before today, we mostly knew that Super Mario Odyssey would reveal that Mario's hat was a living being and that Mario would visit our world. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is the sequel of the 2010 Wii title which was also released for the 3DS.

Of course, the plot of the game is pretty standard for the Super Mario series.

Nintendo has announced a brand new whimsical Kirby game for the Nintendo Switch, and it's just what you'd expect from the airy pink creampuff.

We got a new look at Super Mario Odyssey during Nintendo's E3 presentation yesterday, but Nintendo didn't waste much time on details during the event. We also found out the release date and it's only around the corner really: 27 October 2017. Yes! Toward the end of the livestream, Nintendo delivered a rather lengthy trailer for Super Mario Odyssey. Yoshiaki Koizumi, a producer on the title, suggested that the game will utilize both multiplayer and network features, as they're both integral to the appeal of the Switch.

Last week, Nintendo celebrated the franchise's anniversary on the Switch by unveiling the Pokken Tournament DX, which is scheduled for a fall 2017 release.

  • Carolyn Briggs