Banks: Spielberg Never Made Movie With Female Lead

"I don't mean to call your ass out, but it's true", she said as she collected an award.

On Tuesday, Elizabeth Banks accepted an award from Women in Film - a nonprofit group that promotes equal opportunities for women in the film industry - and according to The Wrap, she spoke about her frustrations with Hollywood, calling out legendary director and producer Steven Spielberg in the process.

Deadline reported that someone in the audience yelled out, "The Color Purple", to which Ms. Banks responded: "OK, 'The Color Purple, ' OK, I'm wrong".

Banks is not the first to criticize Spielberg for not casting more women in lead roles.

But, it's not exactly true.

While Spielberg may never match the the 28 male-driven movies with female-driven ones, he is now filming a movie titled The Papers.

There's just one problem with Elizabeth's statement; she overlooked a pretty important film that Spielberg directed in 1985: The Color Purple. The following year, Walker earned the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and two years later Steven Spielberg adapted the book into a feature film starring Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover.

Of course, Spielberg is an institution whose labor has birthed creations that spark joy and help us understand the world a little better. Any larger discussion of having more women as high-profile directors is out the window because the discussion has turned to white feminism, thanks to Banks ignoring "The Color Purple" as if a film about black women does not count. Accepting the award, she said she hoped that her success as a director would beat down barriers that keep other women from succeeding as filmmakers.

Clinton told the audience that she had not yet seen the superhero film Wonder Woman, but predicted she would enjoy it. And I'm so proud that I get to present an example to them of a working mom who really loves what she does.

Or maybe under Banks' direction, Charlotte.

  • Salvatore Jensen