Australia's PM mocks Trump at political event

In a leaked audio recording that comes just months after a tetchy phone call between the two leaders, Malcolm Turnbull is heard making fun of the USA president's idiosyncratic speaking style.

Typically, the event is off-the-record, meaning journalists would not report on what was said, but a recording was leaked to the political editor at commercial broadcaster Channel Nine, who did not attend the soiree and chose to report it.

The PM was speaking to Canberra's press gallery last night at Parliament House's Mid-Winter Ball.

"It was attractive. It was the most lovely putting-me-at-ease ever", Mr Turnbull told guests at the ball.

The US President attacked the media again today, prompting Malcolm Turnbull to quote Winston Churchill in response. We are! Not the fake polls.

In the audio, made public by Channel Nine television, Turnbull is heard making fun of his meeting with the president in NY in May, which Trump postponed by several hours and also cut short.

He also does a caricature of Trump, saying both of them were "winning in the polls". We are winning in the real polls, like the online polls. I know that, did you know that? They are so easy to win.

Mr Turnbull told 3AW radio his speech was a "good-humoured roast". "I have this Russian guy".

"(The leak is) a breach of protocol, it's a breach of faith, and all those things ... you've got to have a laugh, you've got to lighten up". "Believe me it's true, it is true".

The event is usually off the record, but somebody leaked the footage to Channel Nine's longtime political Laurie Oakes who's made the vision public. During their telephone call, the president became irritated about an agreement made by his Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama, to accept as many as 1,250 refugees held in Australian processing centres on remote Pacific islands.

"The butt of my jokes was myself".

At the time it was reported Mr Trump had told the Australian leader it had been the "worst call by far" with a foreign leader that day.

  • Leroy Wright