Alt-Left Throws Temper Tantrum Over Paris Agreement

"There is a complete agreement on all issues apart from climate", said Environment Minister Gian Luca Galletti. "We are absolutely committed to climate action and the Paris agreement and we have been extremely vocal about this".

The US states and cities committed to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, increase the share of renewables in the energy mix or to transition to 100% renewables.

"The only legal framework for climate negotiations is the accord and objectives fixed in Paris and there is no doubt that they are irreversible", said Hulot, a former TV star and a longstanding environmental campaigner who was persuaded to enter government by new French President Emmanuel Macron.

"All countries and the European Union, but the United States, agree that the Paris agreement is the only mechanism to advance global action on climate change, that it's irreversible and non-negotiable", Canada's Environment Minister Catherine McKenna told reporters Monday.

At the G7 ministerial talks in Bologna, Trump's main envoy, Environmental Protection Agency director Scott Pruitt, left the talks to return to Washington only a few hours after his arrival. But other world leaders say that would be impossible.

Kerry, an architect of the Paris climate agreement, said during a visit to Oslo that many US companies, states and cities were pushing ahead with restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions despite Trump's pro-coal policies.

"If the G19 reaffirms their strong commitments to the Paris agreement - wow, you have the whole world", the G6 source said.

"I believe engaging in global discussion is of the utmost importance to the United States when it comes to environmental issues", he said in the statement. If the US chooses to remain outside the accord, then there should be duties charged on American exports based on the amount of fossil fuels used in their manufacture.

Catherine McKenna met with Scott Pruitt, the Administrator of the EPA, and the environment ministers of the other developed nations in the G7 in Bologna, Italy, over the weekend where, according to Ms. McKenna, the planned American withdrawal from the 2015 worldwide agreement to combat global warming was widely scorned. It would undoubtedly bring risks for the rest of the world, which will have to work harder to make up for U.S. emissions, which are already the world's second-highest.

"Good, we're for that", Brown said in a speech closing out his trip at Tsinghua University in Beijing on 8 June.

Leader of a state judged to be the sixth largest economy in the world, Brown has become a figurehead in in the "Under2 Coalition", an worldwide pact among cities, states and countries committed to honouring the Paris Accord. "Respective of the importance to engage with longstanding allies and key global partners, we approached the climate discussions head on from a position of strength and clarity". Shortly after Trump's announcement, a coalition of USA states, cities, and businesses came together to pledge to adhere to the emissions reductions targets the president abandoned.

  • Leroy Wright