Adele makes surprise visit to London's Grenfell Tower, comforts victims and families

'We do believe that that number will sadly increase'. Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton told Sky would be a miracle if anyone were to be found alive. "People deserve answers. The inquiry will give them".

The west London MC claims rising death toll is "corporate manslaughter".

Mr Corbyn yesterday argued the lethal high rise fire was the "price paid" for Conservative cuts to local authorities in recent years.

Some desperate people reportedly jumped from the windows, while one woman, Samira Lamrani, said she saw a woman drop a baby from the ninth or 10th floor, for the child to be caught by a man below.

Ash Sha, 30, who witnessed the fire and has an aunt in the building who managed to escape from the second floor, said the local council had renovated the tower.

The fire has been burning for more than three hours and stretches from the second to the 27th floor of the building.

Prime Minister Theresa May has promised a "proper investigation" after the building went up in flames amid growing concerns about how the blaze could have spread so rapidly.

After sensing the smoke smell about an hour after midnight Tuesday, the fasting Muslims came out of their homes and began running around, frantically knocking on neighbours' doors to wake them up, the Daily Mail reported on Thursday.

Ms Cotton said the number of people who are unaccounted for is still unknown as some may have got out by themselves or gone into other flats.

The London Fire Brigade said it received the first reports of the blaze at 12:54 a.m. and the first engines arrived within six minutes.

David Collins, former chairman of the Grenfell Tower Residents' Association, said the building's management had failed to listen to residents' calls for improvements on fire safety.

The extent of people's kindness should never be underestimated.

Fans have praised Adele after she and her husband, Simon Konecki, made a low-key visit to the site of the Grenfell Tower fire to honour those affected.

Many have been flooded with so much food, clothing and other supplies that they were turning new donations away.

Missing people posters have been put up throughout North Kensington.

"I know we've all heard absolutely heart breaking - as I did this morning - heart-breaking stories of the people who were caught up in this awful, bad tragedy". Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has offered free food for survivors at one of his nearby eateries.

"Before we do that, we are going to utilise some specialist dog training teams that we have, that will go through the building and the surrounding area looking for any identification of people".

  • Arturo Norris