Trump Chooses Democrat Who Backed Net Neutrality for FCC

No more than three members of the five-member FCC can come from the same party.

If confirmed, Jessica Rosenworcel of CT will serve as a Member of the Federal Communications Commission.

One seat is vacant following the resignation of the former Democratic chairman following the Republicans' election victory past year.

Trump withdrew her nomination in March.

The White House announced Trump's intention to nominate Rosenworcel last night, numerous media outlets reported. Recode recently pegged Brendan Carr, now general counsel for Ajit Pai's FCC, as the favorite for the Republican slot.

Rosenworcel's nomination is seen as strongly supported by Senate Democrats, and is likely to be paired with the nomination of another Republican to the agency, which can have a maximum of five commissioners. "Her renomination to the FCC reinforces that President Trump, an active user of anytime/anywhere connectivity, understands the importance of US leadership in the digital economy and setting a market-driven, pro-innovation approach on communications and tech policy issues".

If she is swiftly confirmed by the Senate, Rosenworcel would rejoin fellow Democrat Mignon Clyburn on the Commission - though perhaps not for long. "We welcome her presence at the Commission and look forward to her strong leadership on adopting FCC policies that will help further expand broadband deployment to all Americans".

Rosenworcel consistently advocates for closing the "homework gap" with policies that boost Internet access for low-income children.

In her previous stint at the agency, Rosenworcel had been a vocal, ardent supporter of net neutrality, and she voted for rules - drafted by then-FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler - to subject internet providers to utility-like regulation.

Broadband and cable lobbyists including the premier cable trade group NCTA, whose members include Comcast and Fox, congratulated Rosenworcel.

The National Association of Broadcasters also voiced its support for Rosenworcel's return to the Commission on Wednesday.

"I congratulate Jessica Rosenworcel on the announcement that President Trump will nominate her to serve another term on the Federal Communications Commission", Paid said in a prepared statement.

Rosenworcel's nomination will need approval from the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee chaired by South Dakota Republican Sen.

Clyburn today said that Rosenworcel has been a leader in efforts to "modernize our 9-1-1 call centers, and a champion for freeing up more unlicensed spectrum".

Pai would be forced to leave the commission if he is not reconfirmed by the end of the year.

  • Leroy Wright