Trump "100%" willing to testify under oath

And Trump repeated his criticism on Sunday, writing: "I believe the James Comey leaks will be far more prevalent than anyone ever thought possible". But what was most damning about Comey's testimony was his description of how Trump tried to get him to drop the Flynn investigation (an effort that wasn't limited to Comey), which could constitute obstruction of justice - apart from anything Trump might or might not have done with regard to Russian Federation.

During the hearing, Mr Comey re-asserted the U.S. president asked him to drop the FBI's investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynnover Moscow's alleged meddling in the United States election. Richman confirmed Thursday that he was the friend Comey testified who had discussed the memos with the press.

"There's some jobs where the controversy would not be a benefit, but that's why I see him ending up in a place where he can be himself", said Evan Barr, a former federal prosecutor in New York City who worked under Comey in the USA attorney's office.

Comey delivered congressional testimony on Thursday that Trump asked the FBI chief to end an investigation into a top aide and demanded a pledge of loyalty - claims disputed by Trump.

Comey maintains, as he did in the July 2016 Clinton-e-mails press conference, that there is a "public interest" exception to the Justice Department rule against commenting on investigations.

Trump did not explain why he believes that Comey has leaked additional information.

The president's alleged ignorance has become Republicans' official line of defense against monumental accusations that Trump fired his Federal Bureau of Investigation director to help out his buddy at best, or help himself at worst. In his Friday remarks, Trump, who is known to have recorded conversations as a businessman, did not deny their existence.

"Yesterday showed no collusion, no obstruction", Trump said. "I would be glad to tell him exactly what I just told you".

Even House Speaker Paul Ryan got into the act, noting that Trump "is just new to this".

President Donald Trump, however, refused to say whether his private conversations with Comey were taped. Trump also said he didn't ask Comey to pledge his loyalty. He told reporters last week that he would discuss the possibility "in the very near future".

But the one question Trump wouldn't definitely answer is if recordings of his conversations with Comey exist.

He said he refused on all points, told senators of the detailed memos he had written after his conversations with Mr Trump and said he hoped they were taped because he is confident of their veracity.

"Well, I didn't say that". Comey was testifying under oath, something that wasn't true of either Trump or his attorney (who released an error-riddled statement about Comey's testimony). During his campaign, Trump often said it was time to "drain the swamp" in Washington of corrupt and self-dealing insiders.

During his testimony last week, James Comey alluded to further classified information linking Mr Sessions with Russian officials. "And there'd be nothing wrong if I did say that, according to everybody that I've read today".

Comey may be called upon to provide more detail about his interactions with US President Donald Trump even as he turns his attention to potential opportunities in law, corporate work or maybe even politics.

  • Zachary Reyes