Trump '100 Percent' Willing to Testify Under Oath on Comey Allegations

He added that he was "100 percent" willing to testify to his version of events under oath.

Maine GOP Senator Susan Collins said on Sunday that Donald Trump needs to clear up whether or not he has taped conversation between himself and former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey, and that if such tapes do exist, she would support them being subpoenaed.

In the Senate hearing, Comey refrained from disclosing any links between Trump advisers and alleged Russian meddling.

Though Trump has lambasted Comey as a "leaker", he also claimed "total and complete vindication" following the ex-FBI chief's testimony, focusing on Comey's confirmation that Trump was not personally being probed.

Comey testified he had nine one-on-one conversations with Trump - and detailed each in memos just after they met for fear that the president would subsequently lie about their interactions.

Last week, Comey testified that Trump asked everyone except him to leave the room before Trump allegedly said to him, "I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go".

Mr Trump asked Mr Comey to be loyal during a private dinner after the inauguration, and they ended up with a compromise of Mr Comey saying he would honour a pledge of "honest loyalty". Trump knows if he secretly recorded me or not, and, if he did, I have no hard feelings.

At a press conference on Friday afternoon in the Rose Garden with the visiting president of Romania, Mr Trump rejected Mr Comey's claims.

The showman and businessman in Trump that revels in ratings and branding and commoditizing was also on full display during Friday's press conference.

Regarding his previous tweets hinting the White House has recordings of his meetings with Comey, Trump was reluctant to confirm the existence of such recordings. According to James Comey, 'All I can do is waiting.

The U.S. President has insinuated that there are recordings of their conversations.

President Donald Trump lashed out fired FBI Director James Comey on Twitter Sunday, saying he believes that "the James Comey leaks will be far more prevalent than anyone ever thought possible".

Since then, the White House has refused to clarify whether such tapes exist.

President Donald Trump says he's been vindicated and is deriding James Comey as a "leaker" after the fired FBI director accused him of lying and trying to quash an investigation into a former national security adviser.

In short, Comey's hearing didn't exactly turn out the way Democrats had hoped.

  • Leroy Wright