The charges against Bill Cosby, and sentences they carry

Nonetheless, the comedian whose storytelling artistry fueled a $400 million fortune went quiet Monday when he had the chance to take the stand.

The defense could call other witnesses to try to bolster their argument that Cosby had a consensual relationship with Constand, 35 years his junior.

So how long could a guilty verdict see Cosby behind bars?

Next, instructions are expected to be given to the jury, which will decide on the three counts of aggravated indecent assault.

The closing arguments capped a weeklong trial against the entertainer, accused of aggravated indecent assault for drugging and molesting Constand in his Cheltenham home in 2004.

The jurors were brought in from the Pittsburgh area after defense lawyers argued that local residents would be biased by the intense media coverage.

The jury continues to deliberate past 8 p.m. on Monday, according to a tweet by an Associated Press reporter. Jury deliberations ceased at approximately 9:30 P.M Eastern time, and will resume Tuesday morning at 9:00 A.M.

This week was supposed to be Cosby's turn to tell his side of the story of his 2004 encounter with Constand, following five days of testimony from 12 witnesses called by the prosecution last week.

"Put them down, they're your friends".

Cosby spoke to the court for the first time since the trial began last week, telling O'Neill that he would not testify.

"I have been advised that you do not intend to testify, is that correct?" It's also the first day a family member has accompanied him to court.

Cosby had said before the trial he would not testify. By allowing Cosby's wife to enter the courtroom in the middle of proceedings while the judge was speaking, officials at the Montgomery Courthouse extended her an extraordinary and unprecedented courtesy.

Jurors in Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial are zeroing in on the night Cosby says he gave his accuser three blue pills that he described as "friends". Adding weight to the allegations was the revelation in 2015 that Mr Cosby in a deposition for a 2005 civil suit filed by Ms Constand had admitted to obtaining quaaludes to help him in his pursuit of sex with women. Cosby says they enjoyed a mutual "petting" session.

McMonagle's tone became tinged with anger as he stressed Constand's misstatements to police about the day of the assault. In criminal trials, the onus is on prosecutors to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and defendants are not required to take the stand.

The Associated Press does not typically identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission, which Constand has done. McMonagle called the detective merely to attest to the existence of a police report about Constand's interviews with law enforcement investigators and to briefly discuss questions the policeman asked the alleged victim about several hours she spent with Cosby at a CT casino. And he said Andrea Constand made inconsistent statements to police. "And he knows the effects of what he gave her".

"Just tell the truth - what are we doing here?" he continued, one of many exclamations he made in a fiery and at times histrionic closing that lasted almost two hours.

The jury also heard quotes during the trial from Cosby's deposition about his use of Quaaludes in the 1970s.

Because of her condition after being drugged that night, Steele said, Cosby took away Constand's ability to say no to any advances.

Though dozens of women have accused Cosby of sexual misconduct, Constand's accusations are the only ones that have led to criminal charges.

The call on March 16 was one of 73 between Constand and Cosby occurring after the alleged assault, McMonagle said, calls prosecutors have characterized as normal since Constand was a Temple University employee and Cosby was on the board of trustees. Cosby says he only gave her Benadryl.

During deliberations, the jury asked to hear part of Cosby's decade-old testimony in a civil case about the pills he gave the accuser before she said she was sexually assaulted.

Cosby has previously arrived at the Montgomery County Courthouse with various celebrities from the world of entertainment.

  • Salvatore Jensen