Rosenstein Sees No Reason To Fire Special Counsel

At least two factors lead me to think Rosenstein will resign: (1) He has already seen his reputation soiled and his judgment questioned by the manner in which the President used his memorandum as a pretext for firing Comey; and (2) He appointed Mueller to great bipartisan acclaim, and he presumably did due diligence and convinced himself that Mueller was fit to serve.

It said the friend, Columbia Law School professor Daniel Richman, confirmed to NBC News that "he's now turning over any Comey memos that he has in his possession to the Federal Bureau of Investigation".

Rosenstein told a Senate appropriations subcommittee that Mueller reports to him and that he could only fire the special counsel for reasons set out in the special counsel regulation, including "good cause".

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein says he sees no reason why special counsel Robert Mueller should stop leading the probe into Russian interference in last year's US election.

"I still stand by that it was being considered as an option", said Ruddy, adding he has "very good sources" in the administration.

"If there were not good cause, it wouldn't matter to me what anybody says". "I personally think it would be a significant mistake, even though I don't think there is a justification [for a special counsel]".

Ruddy's comments come as others close to Trump have expressed doubt with Mueller as special counsel.

"Director Mueller is going to have the full degree of independence that he needs to conduct that investigation appropriately", Rosenstein said.

Rosenstein said he is leaving to Mueller decisions about what the investigation covers.

Rosenstein's letter critical of Comey's handling of the Hillary Clinton email server investigation served as the Trump White House's first reasoning for firing Comey - though Trump later undercut that explanation by saying he fired Comey in hopes of ending the Russian Federation probe.

Sessions is testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday afternoon.

  • Leroy Wright