Petrol pump dealers call off June 16 strike

Dealers were irked by the directive of public sector oil marketing companies to implement a daily fuel price revision of petrol and diesel.

However, for the consumers the daily prices will be prominently displayed at the petrol pumps and customers can also find out the dynamic rates via sms (short messaging service) and IOCL's mobile app.

After this, on Monday, Indian Oil Corporation Chairman Sanjiv Singh had met petrol pump dealers from various states.

"Dealers are not against daily price changes, but are against a very premature induction of this mechanism", Ravi Shinde, general secretary of the Consortium of India Petroleum Dealers, said in Mumbai. This implementation follows the successful implementation of the pilot project in Udaipur, Jamshedpur, Vishakhapatnam, Chandigarh and Puducherry from May 1. "These control rooms will operate round the clock till the system to establish an appropriate mechanism for daily price revision stabilizes", International Olympic Committee said in a statement.

Pradhan said the daily price revision follows successful pilot in five cities and would lead to even the smallest change in global oil prices being passed on to consumers.

The petroleum dealers' body is for an automated system to reflect price changes from the state-run oil marketing companies. Alternatively, customers can also check the prices in their cities by sending SMS RSP SPACE DEALER CODE to 92249-92249.

Customers can access IOCL's mobile app Fuel@IOC for the rates.

"This manual intervention can lead to errors and delays in operation of the petrol pump", it said.

Meanwhile, the Delhi Petrol Dealers Association said on Tuesday that it will join the "No Purchase No Sale" call given by the Federation of all India Petroleum Traders (FAIPT) for Friday, when the countrywide dynamic fuel pricing is due to start. "Whatever they were doing at 15-day frequency, they will be required to do daily".

All Indian oil dealers in case of automated ROs can schedule the price change at 20.00 Hrs for price change to take effect at 00.00 Hrs. "Any such decision shall wipe out his entire working capital if the prices were to go down frequently", it said.

  • Carolyn Briggs