London Firefighters Battle High-Rise Inferno, At Least 6 Fatalities Reported

The cause of the fire has not yet been established, while a structural engineer has concluded that the tower is not in danger of collapsing.

Firefighters rescued "large numbers", but London Mayor Sadiq Khan said "a lot" of people were unaccounted for.

The 43-year-old posted 11 videos and photos of the burning tower block, describing it as "absolute hell".

Some said the speed of the fire made them nervous about the state of their own buildings.

"Fire is from second to top floor of 27 storey building", the fire service said on Twitter. She added the cause of the fire is unknown.

Residents who escaped the inferno complained there had been no fire alarm, with people relying on neighbours to wake them as the blaze spread.

Describing the scene, Mr Chowdhry said: "Locals heard screams and shouts for help and some even reported people jumping from windows".

He said they had been told "to put a cloth over their mouths and try to get out by themselves".

Actor and writer Tim Downie, who lives nearby, said: "It's horrendous". It's gone. It's just a matter of time before this building collapses.

"It's the most terrifying thing I've ever seen". "There was people trying to break their windows. a woman and a child waiting for people to help them for three hours". When no one came to help, she chose to escape on her own, the woman said.

"I always open my windows and I heard some unusual noises outside", she said.

"Somebody did, a gentleman ran forward and managed to grab the baby, " Ms Lamrani told Britain's Press Association news agency.

Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton called it an "unprecedented incident" unlike anything she had seen in her 29-year career as a firefighter.

He says it was frightening but people are being cared for well.

London's Metropolitan Police say six people have died in the devastating fire that engulfed a west London apartment block.

He added that questions needed to be answered in relation to the blaze. "People were starting to appear at the windows, frantically banging and screaming", she said.

"I heard them shouting: 'It's getting bigger, it's getting bigger", he told the BBC. "It's a question of establishing how many were in there at the time of the fire".

"At this time I am sad to confirm that we now know that there have been fatalities", Cotton said in a statement early on Wednesday. The neighbour said she felt "powerless to help".

A woman showed up in tears looking for her sister, who lived in the 24-story building that caught fire. "There was heavy smoke in the hallway".

"The mum swayed back and that was the last we saw of her".

"We have 20 ambulance crews on the scene as well as our hazardous area response teams from London's air ambulance who travelled to the scene by vehicle".

Officials were working to clear the Grenfell Tower overnight, which is said to be an apartment complex.

Mickey Paramasivan, who was in his seventh floor flat with his partner and child, said: "If we'd listened to them and stayed in the flat we'd have perished".

The area has been cordoned off and adjacent properties evacuated.

A residents action group said its warnings about safety had fallen on "deaf ears".

The group said there was one entry and exit to Grenfell Tower during improvement works and it had issues with evacuation procedures.

Firefighters were battling a massive fire in a London apartment high-rise early Monday morning.

You can also help by donating emergency supplies, clothes, toys, toiletries and more for those evacuated at Clements Church, 95 Sirdar Rd, W11 4EQ.

  • Leroy Wright