Huge fire engulfs London tower block, injuring at least 30

Washington-born TV architect George Clarke has described "heartbreaking" scenes of "absolute hell" at the tower block fire in London, which broke out next to his home.

"I can not confirm the number at this time due to the size and complexity of the building", London Fire Brigade chief Dany Cotton told reporters at the scene.

Six people have died and police expect the death toll to rise further after a blaze swept through the 24-storey apartment block in central London.

Eyewitness Jody Martin said: "I watched one person falling out, I watched another woman holding her baby out the window.hearing screams".

As part of their reportage, ITV's "Good Morning Britain" showed footage of those still trapped in the building - focussing on an elderly man praying at his window while awaiting rescue.

Another witness told the journalist that he heard people screaming for help, begging that someone at least take their children.

"There have been a number of fatalities". Others said they could see people inside using flashlights and mobile phones to try to signal for help from higher floors.

It is unclear how many people could be trapped, but "a significant number" are unaccounted for, the BBC reports. By the time I got there the whole right side of the building was on fire, the whole thing was engulfed in flames.

The Grenfell Tower had recently undergone a multi-million dollar facelift with numerous 120 apartments outfitted with new windows.

The cause of the fire is not clear.

Police earlier said they had been evacuating people from the building, and that a number of people were being treated for a wide range of injuries.

Mr Clark said he only became aware of the fire when he awoke to the noise in the night.

"I am sad to confirm that we now know there have been fatalities and more than 50 people have been taken to hospitals", Khan said in a statement.

The group said there was only one entry and exit to Grenfell Tower during improvement works at the block in Latimer Road and it had issues with evacuation procedures.

"Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus are working extremely hard in very difficult conditions to tackle this fire", London Fire Brigade Assistant Commissioner Dan Daly said.

Helicopters hovered overhead and smoke hung over the scene.

By 4am, the entire building was engulfed in flames.

  • Zachary Reyes