E3 2017: Playful Bringing Star Child To PSVR

Dedicating a large portion of its E3 showcase to virtual reality, six new games were unveiled across a range of genres. From Superhot to Skyrim, the VR playing field looks pretty good for the near future. Skyrim VR will be released this November. When Sony initially filed the trademark earlier today, we speculated that a return to SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals may be on the cards, but it turns out that Bravo Team is a standalone PlayStation VR experience.

The game is just one of many titles that Supermassive Games is concurrently developing, with other E3 2017 titles like The Inpatient and Hidden Agenda. Take a look at the best PSVR games and best HTC Vive games.

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Superhot is a first-person shooter where time moves only when you move.

The game is now available on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift for $24.99 United States dollars, and while a price-point for PS VR hasn't been divulged it's safe to assume it will cost the same.

Other PlayStation VR titles on display included Star Child, a lovely 2D sci-fi side-scroller, and Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV, an action-fishing game featuring characters from Square-Enix's latest entry in the series. Notably, the game, which includes the Forever Update, brings you 20 more hours of "intense, nerve wrenching endgame".

  • Carolyn Briggs