Cristiano Ronaldo accused of €14.7m tax fraud

Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused of defrauding Spanish authorities of €14.7m in tax by prosecutors who have filed charges against the Real Madrid star.

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has a legal situation to address, as it was reported Tuesday that he's been accused of tax fraud by Madrid's regional state prosecutor. Athletes must still pay taxes on other income earned in Spain.

Cristiano Ronaldo's representatives have strongly denied an accusation that the Real Madrid forward concealed earnings and defrauded the Spanish tax authorities out of €14.7 million.

Ronaldo, a native of Portugal, officially became a Spanish taxpayer in January 2010, according to the article.

And Real Madrid have now backed Ronaldo - saying they remain confident the forward will clear his name because of his "clear will" to adhere to Spain's tax laws. "There has never been any hiding nor any intention to hide anything", Gestifute, the agency representing the player, said in a statement.

That year, he also inked a lifetime deal with apparel giant Nike worth upward of $1 billion.

Spanish prosecutors have also indicted football player Predrag Mijatovic for tax fraud while allegedly working as an unlicensed football agent.

Ronaldo's agency previously said the soccer star's taxes were up to date, but just last month Ronaldo adjusted his tax declarations and paid an additional $6.7 million for 2014.

Leaked documents in December past year suggested that Ronaldo had avoided tax on income allegedly held in offshore accounts, which he also denied.

On Tuesday, the state prosecutor cited the verdict against Messi as precedent for the case against Ronaldo.

"The player declared to the Tax Authorities 100 per cent of the part attributable to Spain of Tollin's income and his image rights during the periods 2009-2014 and 2015-2020".

The prison term will be suspended as is common in Spain for first offences for non-violent crimes carrying a sentence of less than two years.

A prosecutor in Spain accused the current holder of the Ballon d'Or of committing tax fraud to the tune of $16.5 million.

  • Julie Sanders