Corbyn looks forward to May's 'coalition of chaos'

Emily Thornberry today laughed off "boobgate" after a video of Jeremy Corbyn accidentally hitting her breast in a misplaced high five went viral.

Jeremy Corbyn received a rapturous applause from Labour MPs at the party's first Westminster meeting since the general election as he told them: "We are now a government in waiting".

"Our shadow cabinet at the moment was a winning team".

The Labour leader was in high spirits as he was filmed joking around with his shadow foreign secretary at their election count on Thursday night.

But two of his allies said they would not be welcoming, with Emily Thornberry saying: "There are a lot of very good new people who have joined the shadow cabinet who have stuck with Jeremy Corbyn through thick and thin, very hard times, and that needs to be recognised".

But a return Mr Miliband, who led Labour for five years before defeat at the 2015 election, is also not being ruled out, according to Labour sources.

The Labour frontbencher was in a jubilant mood as she appeared on Sophy Ridge on Sunday after her party unexpectedly defied the polls to deny Theresa May a victory in the election.

"We will continue to take the fight to the Tories and I will be out campaigning around the country in Conservative marginals in those extra seats we need to gain to deliver the government for the many that nearly 13 million people voted for last week".

Theresa May is hoping to cling on to power by thrashing out a deal to get the backing of the DUP - a small right-wing party whose opposition to abortion and gay marriage has sparked huge controversy. Many of these MPs have previously been highly critical of Corbyn.

I see her two close advisers have now left.

Corbyn's speech was one of many in the first meeting at the House of Commons since the election.

The former leader is being touted for a move back to the party's front bench along with other senior MPs who had been sceptical of his successor.

  • Leroy Wright