China Overturns Rejections of 9 Trump Trademarks

Because of this, Garten said that since 2006, "the Trump Organization has been forced to build its trademark portfolio in China to protect its brand and overall intellectual property rights from third-party infringers".

Ahmad and his wife, Alia, live in two rooms at a boarding house they rent for $30 a month, hours away from their children, who live with their grandmother and visit their parents about one weekend a month. Salaries paid to the workers at the factory in Subang, Indonesia are below the minimum wage in China, which is really saying something. Women are also incentivized with a monthly bonus of $10.50 to not take off of work when they have their periods. "Her idea of work-life balance", the article says, "would be if she could see her children a couple of times a month".

"When Alia was told the gist of Ivanka Trump's new book on women in the workplace, she burst out laughing", the Guardian reports.

Numerous workers are also Muslim, and most seem aware of and unhappy with Donald Trump's policies in the United States, but feel they are unable to sacrifice their income over a moral stand.

Jim Keady, an American labour rights activist, told the paper: "It's not surprising to me that in a factory like this, you have rank and file workers who are unclear on what their rights are, and what the law says in terms of wages and rights".

Sadly, Alia is not the exception.

Many garment workers in Ivanka Trump's Indonesia clothing factory are paid so little that they can not afford to live with their children, or purchase basic necessities without going into debt, according to a new investigation by the Guardian. For example, aiming for between 58 and 92 garments every half hour, when the actual number produced is usually between 27 and 40.

Workers said that management often calls them derogatory names such as "animals", "moron" and "monkey".

Workers also accused factory managers of not paying a government-mandated Ramadan bonus by firing them just before the Muslim holy month, only to take them on again after it ends.

President Trump addressed a joint session of Congress for the first time on February 28th, 2017. In April, the fashion line was linked to a Chinese factory paying it's workers only $62 United States dollars a week. In April, The Washington Post reported that workers at one of the fashion label's China factories make about $60 a week for 60 hours of work.

Trump, a senior adviser to the president, stepped down from running the fashion label in January, when her father was sworn into office and it became increasingly clear that she would hold an official role in the White House.

But the women who make garments for Trump's line of clothing are paid so little they can't afford to live with their children.

However, according to G-III's annual report, the brand accumulated a $17.9 million increase in net sales in 2016.

  • Larry Hoffman