'Celtics/Lakers' rivalry that 'saved' National Basketball Association scores for ESPN

The Los Angeles Lakers hosted Lonzo Ball for a two-day visit last week, and one report claimed they were not overly impressed with the former UCLA star.

During a head-to-head encounter between the two freshmen when both were in college, Fox was more of a force than Ball. He's theoretically a better fit for the Lakers than Ball or Fox, if only as a defensive upgrade to help cover up the deficiencies of others on that end of the floor.

With that in mind, Mark Medina of the LA Daily News is now reporting that the team is expected to bring in not only UCLA point guard Lonzo Ball for another workout but also Washington point guard Markelle Fultz for the first time. As you can see in the highlight video below, he is an explosive athlete who can consistently make plays above the rim. But I'm just being realistic and thinking about it.

The Lakers regret not acting aggressively enough to retain Kent Bazemore as a free agent in 2014, and Lakers coach Luke Walton has plenty of respect for Warriors forward Andre Iguodala, who he played with at the University of Arizona and then coached at Golden State. "We put that behind us", Fox said, citing the 2011 draft experiences of Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas. "What happens in the workout doesn't really matter".

Ball worked out for the Lakers last week. Part of the issue here is something we've observed for a lot of documentaries in that the further you go back in time, the fewer amount of people will have a connection or recollection of those events and personalities. The Lakers have dealt with players who were intense before, and Cousins is still just 26 years old, so he has a lot of years left in the National Basketball Association.

"When someone says something is a weakness, you want to try to turn it into a strength", Fox said. The 6-foot-3, 187-pounder said he has since devoted most of his training toward bulking up and improving his shooting accuracy.

Although his team struggled, Markelle Fultz averaged 23 points, and almost six rebounds and six assists per game. It was just something I had to do and I learned from the mistake that I made. However, the Sacramento Kings might ruin this. (Kawhi Leonard came into the National Basketball Association as a similar prospect on both offense and defense.) His versatility on offense, mixed with his ability to guard multiple positions, would make him as a great fit anywhere. "But they can't look past any guy in this draft because we're all really, really talented, and I think we all bring a lot to the table".

  • Julie Sanders