Anti-Shariah Rally Draws Counter-Protesters To South Bay Demonstrations

Activists protesting against sharia law and their opponents clashed in rallies across America, in some cases leading to arrests and violent confrontations and showing continued divisiveness about Islam and Islamic law in this country. The marches were organised by ACT (American Congress for Truth) for America, which describes itself as a "grassroots national security organization" that vows to defend America's founding "western values" and "protect America from terrorism". Throughout her long career as a professional fear-monger, Gabriel has tried to portray everyday Muslims as potential terrorists who want to overthrow the USA government and replace it with Sharia law.

Protesters faced off against about 100 anti-Trump demonstrators during the rally.

Dressed in white, protesters with the "Unity Rally" wanted a completely peaceful approach to their stance on inclusivity.

Protesters who say they oppose Islamic law and counter-protesters shouted at each other from behind police barriers in Chicago in one of several such protests nationwide.

But those on the other side like Ann Marie said the group isn't against Sharia Law, it's against Muslims.

The counter-protest group, Seattle Stands With Our Muslim Neighbors, disagreed, saying on its Facebook page that ACT for America is "a recognized Islamophobic hate group".

Hate marches that took place across the US drew violence between white supremacists and counterprotesters on Saturday, leading to several arrests. Last week, a Polish Vice President of the European Parliament, gave this interview on Muslim migration to Europe where he specifically said "There is a war being waged against Europe".

Clusters of protesters and counter-protesters gathered on four corners of an intersection at a memorial to the slain.

"There are certain parts of sharia law that doesn't bother me".

"Today was a counter-protest to ACT for America's anti-Muslim protest", she said.

"This is a movement that opposes Sharia Law and oppression and is for human rights", says Ximena Barreto, who says she organized the march in conjunction with Latinas for Trump and ACT for America and Republican Woman of Oceanside.

An overwhelming majority of Muslims don't want to replace US law with Shariah, and only "radical extremist groups" would call for that, Liyakat Takim, a professor of Islamic students at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, told the Associated Press. "Really if anything, we're at risk of fascism being imposed on America", said Raphael Kadaris, speaking for a group called Refuse Fascism.

"The Constitution is the law of the land", he said.

The March Against Sharia Law happened in nearly 30 cities across the United States on Saturday, including in Kansas City at Washington Square Park at Crown Center. As fellow demonstrators began lining up next to him, police on horseback interjected, telling the pro-Trump group to move back across the street.

  • Larry Hoffman