Ambulances sent to London fire scene

Several firefighters were injured as they tackled the blaze, Ms Cotton said.

A BBC reporter comforted a distraught man as he recounted the horrific scenes he witnessed during the London tower block fire in North Kensington.

"We saw the people screaming", she said.

"There were even young children banging on the windows", she told CNN, adding she could hear screams as the hours went by.

"A woman was gesturing that she was about to throw her baby and if somebody could catch her baby", Lamrani said. "Somebody did. A gentleman ran forward and managed to grab the baby".

A blaze broke out in the early hours in the tower block.

The Guardian reports neighbors could hear people screaming for help from the tower, which contains 120 apartments.

"My neighbour's smoke alarm went off and I thought he might have done some cooking", he said, giving only his first name of Eddie, 55.

"Last time I saw him they were waving out the window, his wife and children", she said, sitting outside the Rugby Portobello community center.

Some residents said they had been advised they should stay in their flats in the event of a fire, while the block's residents association had previously warned it was anxious about the risk of a serious fire. It is unclear whether firefighters had equipment that could reach to the top of the building. Some feared the charred tower block might collapse, but a structural engineer said the building was not in danger, according to the London Fire Brigade, which added "it is safe for our crews to be in there".

The cause of the fire still remains unknown.

"I can say with 110 per cent certainty that I saw a baby being thrown out the window from about the ninth floor at least", she told as firefighters worked to free those still believed trapped on the top floors of the 27-storey building. She said there were "a number" of fatalities.

Sadly, at around 8 a.m. BST, London fire commissioner Dany Cotton confirmed that there have also been "a number of fatalities" from the fire, though Cotton said that "due to the size and complexity of this fire, " the exact number of deaths can not yet be confirmed. That was about 2:00 am (0100 GMT), she said.

30 people have been taken to hospital.

Others searched for information at makeshift evacuation centers set up at churches and recreation centers.

Another witness, who only gave her first name, Hanan, told ABC News that she managed to escape from the building's ninth floor, but she said was anxious about her brother, Abdul Aziz, and his family who were on the 26th floor. Officials did not have any information to give her.

Emergency services said more than 74 people were in various hospitals; 20 of them were in critical condition.

Many people at St.

Some people were trapped in the fire, desperately shouting for help from windows on upper floors as the fire spread. I've not heard from them since, the phone is not going through, the landline isn't going through.

The British broadcaster reported that 500 people lived in the apartment block, in the North Kensington area, which is near Notting Hill.

London ambulance services are responding to a major fire burned in west London. - The fire is under control, but the the building is still smoldering.

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