6 killed, dozens injured in massive London high-rise blaze

At least 6 people have died but the death toll from the fire is expected to rise.

"In a multi-occupancy high-rise building such as this, any fire which starts should be sufficiently retained for a period of time within that residential dwelling", he added.

We will review the findings of the investigation into this fire, when they are available, with HFRS and other partners to assess whether any additional safety measures would be appropriate at our blocks.

The casualty Bureau number is 0800 0961 233.

The fire brigade rescued 65 people from the tower after sending 40 fire engines and 250 firefighters.

A spokesman said: "Our thoughts are with the victims, their families and all those affected by the fire in Grenfell, London, this morning".

It added the cause of the massive fire is not known at this stage.

Ayyube Asif told CNN he saw the fire from his cousin's house miles away and immediately ran toward the blaze.

Online records indicate contractor Harley Facades Limited installed "over-cladding with ACM cassette rainscreen" at Grenfell Tower.

The tower was built in the 1970s and recently subject to a $10.9 million redevelopment, according to property firm Rydon.

Resident Hamid Wahbi said that as he fled through the smoke, he asked about a neighbor's father but was told he was still inside.

London's fire chief, Dany Cotton, said the blaze was "unprecedented" in her 29 years of service.

Michael Paramaseevan, who lives on the seventh floor with his girlfriend and young daughter, said he ignored official advice to stay in your home. If the fire is not in their own flat or that of a direct neighbour, then the tenant should stay put unless they are told by HFRS to leave - this was the case at the successful handling of the recent fire at Redbridge Towers. "I think he might have just had some broken bones and bruises".

"They literally just jumped".

Edward Daffarn, who lived on the 16th floor, said the building's fire alarm didn't ring.

"Whole panels were coming off in flames, their hoses could reach only halfway up the building, and whole bits of the facade from the top, these panels were literally falling down. The smoke alarms weren't going off but the way it spread so quickly from the fourth floor, all the way up to the 23rd floor was scary", she explained.

The burnt facade of a tower block is seen as firefighters tackle a serious fire at Latimer Road in West London, Britain June 14, 2017.

About 600 people were believed to have been inside the tower's 120 flats when the blaze ripped through the building. "This is a major fire that's affected all floors of the 24-story structure from the second floor upwards".

The group said there was one entry and exit to Grenfell Tower during improvement works at the block and it had issues with evacuation procedures. While the borough is one of the most affluent in London, North Kensington is a particularly deprived district.

The British Red Cross said its volunteers were supporting people at the trust and were now directing people with donations to the nearby St Francis Church.

Eddie, a 55-year-old resident from the Grenfell Action Group, said he too had been complaining for years in particular about work at the base of the building which he said blocked access for fire trucks.

  • Leroy Wright