Until Dawn Creators Announce The Inpatient At Sony's E3 Conference

Supermassive Games revealed during Sony's E3 conference that they have a new game in the works, a virtual reality horror experience called The Inpatient that confines players in a very eerie-looking sanatorium.

From the studio that brought us the horrifying and breathtaking story of Until Dawn, Supermassive Games has just announced their new project "The Impatient" which takes place in a mental institute. "You don't need to have played Until Dawn to be able to enjoy The Inpatient; it's an entirely standalone title with a brand new story and cast of characters to meet", Supermassive said in a PlayStation Blog post.

Those familiar with the developer will know that they are also the company who created the interactive survival game Until Dawn, a PlayStation 4 exclusive that was released back in 2015. He says he's trying to help you, but all is not what it seems. Possible - until you read the building's full name: The Blackwood Pines Sanatorium. How you react to these characters and the choices you make will have profound and dramatic consequences for how the story unfolds. And if you'll recall, things didn't exactly go quite well there...

We've designed everything so that it really feels like you are in the game. The slow pace of Bethesda's first person action role-players are a good fit for VR and even though this is the fourth version of the game so far (including the Special Edition and Switch versions) we bet many fans will still be happy to dive in once again.

  • Arturo Norris