Trump's 'Infrastructure Week' met with resistance around $1 trillion plan

At the Rivertowne Marina, Trump was joined by several Cabinet secretaries as well as two NY real estate moguls, Richard LeFrak and Steven Roth, whom Trump had previously named to lead an infrastructure council to monitor progress.

Saying that the American public deserves the best infrastructure in the world, the President, who made his own fortune in the construction industry, said that the federal government in recent years has spent "billions and billions" of dollars overseas while leaving such projects at home by the wayside. "It is time to rebuild our country, to bring back our jobs, to restore our dreams, and yes, it's time finally to put America first".

Trump is also talking up his controversial decision to pull the USA out of what he dismissively referred to as the "so-called" Paris climate accord.

At the riverfront rally, Trump said if the American economy is to completely recover "we must end Obamacare".

As Trump flew to OH aboard Air Force One, cable networks aired live coverage of the testimony of Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats and National Security Agency Director Michael S. Rogers.

Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer said the Trump budget unveiled in May cuts $206 billion in infrastructure spending across several departments, including $96 billion in planned highway trust fund spending. Trump says, "it's only obstruction from Democrats" and says, "It's all going to be Republicans or bust". The second family owned a small business which provided health care for its employees.

"Obamacare is in a total death spiral and the problems will only get worse if Congress fails to act", Trump said.

Trump is also pushing efforts to fix the nation's crumbling infrastructure while in Cincinnati.

Wednesday's was Trump's first visit to OH since the state's critical contribution to his election victory in November - in which he received 51 percent of the vote and all 18 electoral votes.

Trump will connect the need for a boost in infrastructure investment to jobs and on Wednesday will be flanked by barges of West Virginia coal floating in the Ohio River, long a connection between coal in Kentucky and West Virginia and steel mills in western Pennsylvania.

According to a White House information sheet, 20 counties could be in that predicament, not 20,000. It has proposed paying for the improvements with $200 billion in tax breaks over nine years.

In a June 7 speech in Cincinnati, President Donald Trump unveiled additional details on his administration's plans to rebuild USA infrastructure through a $1 trillion investment plan. Even as the White House tries to publicly focus on one issue, they are regularly knocked off course by news about Comey's remarks and messages sent out by the President, often on Twitter.

He made reference to the fact that Anthem insurance pulled out of the Obamacare health care exchange in OH this week.

In his speech, Trump announced that he would not afford the country the opportunity to become a "museum of former glory", ensuring that extensive infrastructure projects would be supported. "No matter what we do, if we gave you the greatest plan in the history of the world, you would have no Democratic vote", Trump said.

  • Zachary Reyes